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Fedco Batteries™ engineers and manufactures quality batteries and battery packs for new product builds. Additionally Fedco offers an unparalleled outsourced fulfillment service. Infinity™ is the ultimate supply chain platform for OEM's, their customers and our distributor partners.

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  • Next Generation Smart BMS For Single Cell Applications

    Fedco's engineers have been hard at work these days. Our new SC1000F-BMS is a single-cell protection circuit superstar designed to discretely and safely power your application.
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  • Fall/Winter Conference and Expo Schedule Announced

    Fedco's next three conference/expo dates are announced. Come visit us at a nearby location and learn more about what makes Fedco an industry leader in battery design and manufacturing.
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  • Fedco Announces Next Generation BMS

    Fedco Batteries announces their next generation smart battery management system. The SCx000F-BMS-MD circuit is designed for medium format and high power applications. Learn more about this innovative design today.
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Case Study

The need for enough power to run a small 2.5 volt computer with an extended lifetime brought a global, industrial manufacturer to Fedco Batteries.

The sensitive device required computer circuitry and power longevity to output generator temperatures, vibrations and sounds. The data output was sent to analysts and managers, indicating the condition of the generator and any maintenance needs that may be required.

Fedco engineers spearheaded the concept with a team from the manufacturing company. They decided on a powerful—yet compact—3.6 volt lithium primary battery with an 8.5M amp hour rating. A circuit board connects the three parallel C-cells in a space-efficient and practical design that fits perfectly into the portable container.

The battery, shipped within the U.S., moved from concept to reality and has been produced and shipped ever since. Teamwork and innovation led to the small, yet highly efficient solution.