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    Next Generation Smart BMS For Single Cell Applications

    Fedco Batteries is proud to announce the completion of another R&D development BMS design.  Fedco now features our next generation SC1000F-BMS single-cell top-mount smart I2C safety circuit.  This circuit is designed to be added to the top of a Lithium-Ion or Lithium Iron Phosphate 18500, 18650, 21700, 26500 or similar cell for complete pack protection and smart fuel gauging communication.

    This circuit provides a reliable BMS option for single cell and 1S battery pack applications.  Full protection programmability, external fuel gauging, remote battery performance monitoring, and ultimate reliability make this new BMS an effective choice for many applicaitons.  

    This circuit was fully developed, prototyped, and assembled in the U.S.A. as all of our circuits are.  Contact Fedco Batteries for additional details and learn how Fedco can partner with your team to power your application.



    Fits on the end of any 18-33mm diameter cell.

    Programmable safety protection for:
    • Overvoltage
    • Undervoltage
    • Overcurrent in Charge
    • Overcurrent in Discharge
    • Short Circuit Protection
    I2C communication to a host device that provides:
    • Pack Voltage
    • Temperature
    • Charge and discharge current rate
    • Remaining battery capacity
    • State of Charge