Battery Testing & Quality Control

Fedco's quality department maintains records on each and every component and battery pack for ten years. All components that are used in their battery packs undergo full incoming inspection to insure that they are compliant with all associated drawings. Component vendors are required to provide a certificate of conformance with every shipment and are maintained on file. All battery packs are subject to final inspection before packaging. Records are maintained for each battery including cell lot information, weld pull tests data and other key information. 

Battery Testing & Quality Control:

Fedco utilizes first-piece inspection practices as well as in-line inspection, depending on the complexity of the battery. Every battery Fedco assembles is 100% tested for functionality before it is submitted to final inspection. This ranges from a voltage and polarity test for primary (non-rechargeable) batteries to pull testing for any battery with wire leads and connector,  and to a charge / discharge system test for rechargeable batteries. Every battery is functionally tested, especially batteries containing communication circuitry, to make sure that the battery is fully operational. A final QC inspection is performed before the battery is packaged for shipment. Whatever the customer needs is for quality verification; Fedco can meet or exceed them.

Battery Pack Forming

Rechargeable batteries have to be charged and discharged a few times before they store and discharge to their full rated capacity. Upon request, Fedco can cycle each battery to be sure it is ready to use "out-of-the-box." Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer cells used in battery packs must be matched. The internal impedance of all the cells in the pack must be within < 100µOhms. Fedco only purchases pre-matched cells from their cell suppliers.