Standardized Ready to Ship OEM Battery Packs

Your company has been hard at work creating The Next Big Thing™, and somewhere along the way in all of your development efforts, the battery kept getting pushed to the back of the priority list. Now you're ready to finalize the design and suddenly the battery switches from a to-do list item to a urgent need. You contact some battery companies and all of the sudden they want to know every detail of your device, wiring diagrams, schematics, blueprints, certifications needed or wanted... and then they start talking about advantages and disadvantages of what seems like seven hundred battery chemistries. And for a final surprise, they start talking about the fees. Oh the fees! Engineering fees, sample fees, testing fixture fees, certification fees, they probably even sneak in a fee fee. ENOUGH! 

It's time to make this easier!

Fedco Batteries went through our records and looked for the most commonly needed characteristics for batteries then put together a selection of batteries that have what you need, in stock, with no development or testing fees, certified, and ready to ship as soon as you need then, with no minimum order quantity. 


* no back and forth engineering paperwork

* no engineering / certification fees

* pre-passed UN vibration, heat, impact and altitude tests, certified safe to ship

* ships immediately to your facility or on demand to your customers as needed.

* no minimum order quantity

* different connectors available on wire lead packs

* customised OEM labels available 1


Lithium Ion (li-ion)
Lithium Polymer (li-poly)
Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
Battery Chargers