Battery Cell Data Sheets

Fedco Batteries purchases battery cells only from the world's leading cell manufacturers. All of the cells that we stock are certified to multiple safety standards, RoHS compliant and, in the case of lithium and lithium-ion cells, are proven to by compliant with the IATA Transportation of Dangerous Goods Manual of Tests and Criteria, Section 38.3. Rev. 5. Below is a list of commonly requested cell data sheets.

Manufacturer: Chemistry: Cell Size:

Manufacturer Battery Part Number Battery Chemistry Battery Size Volts Capacity PDF Size
SaftLS14500Ex Lithium386K
SaftBA5590 B UMilitary334K
PanasonicCR2032 CR2330 LithiumCoin Cell58K
SaftLO 35 SX Lithium768K
UltraLifeCH0004 455K
PanasonicLiIon CGR18650CG Lithium-Ion456K
SaftVNT C U Ni-Cd963K
FDKHR-4UC 201001 Ni-MH1.2V27K
SanyoUF463450F Lithium-Ion82K
PanasonicLC R123R4P SLA30K
SaftG 06/2 LithiumAA Cell325K
UltraLifeUHR CR26650 [U100212, 22, 23, 24] Lithium616K
MaxellER6C Lithium519K
SaftLO29SHX Lithium457K
FDKHR-4/3FAUP (3600) 201001 Ni-MH1.2V32K
SaftMP144350 Lithium-Ion589K
PanasonicLithium Poly-carbonmonofluoride (BR) A & C SizeLithium3V5000mAh381K
SaftVRE D 5100 Ni-Cd59K
FDKCR2450 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V76K
SaftLO34SX Lithium315K
PanasonicHHR650D Ni-MHD Cell20K
UltraLifeBA 5347U Military430K
FDKHR-D 201003 Ni-MHD Cell1.2V40K
UltraLifeUBBL20 102K
PanasonicLCR063R4P SLA27K
Saftecolife AA Ni-CadAA Cell1.2V650mAh949K
VartaMBU20 (replaces V20HR)Ni-MHButton1.2V18mAh74K
MaxellER18/50 Lithium521K
SaftG 52/3 LithiumC Cell431K
FDKUT414 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell3.00V1.00mAh92K
SaftLO25SX Lithium514K
PanasonicBR-2325/VGN (BR2325 1VGE) LithiumCoin Cell3V178K
SaftLS 14500 LithiumAA Cell3.6V2600mAh367K
FDKCR2016 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V80mAh76K
SaftLSH 20 150 Lithium426K
PanasonicLiIon Overview Lithium-Ion550K
SaftVL 32600 125 Lithium-Ion361K
FDKHR-4/5AU 201003 Ni-MH1.2V26K
SaftVRE AA Ni-CdAA Cell1.2V780mAh57K
PanasonicBR2325 BR2330 Lithium36K
SaftVT 1 2D Ni-Cd59K
FDKCR17335E-N Lithium3.0V1600mAh120K
SaftBA5800 A U Military223K
PanasonicHHR150AA Ni-MHAA Cell20K
SanyoN-3000CR Ni-Cd465K
FDKHR-AAC 201001 Ni-MH1.2V27K
SanyoUF653450S Lithium-Ion120K
PanasonicLC R067R2P SLA6V7200mAh35K
UltraLifeUB0023 (replaces BA-5590A/U )LithiumMilitary30V11100mAh434K
FDKML2430 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell71K
UltraLifeUBBL01 864K
PanasonicLC WTP127R2 SLA803K
UltraLifeUHE ER14250 Lithium445K
FDKHR-SCUP 201001 Ni-MH1.2V39K
VartaCR 2/3AA Lithium2/3 AA3.0V1350mAh99K
Power-SonicPS 1251FP SLA1520K
Power-SonicPS 640 SLA1565K
VartaV80H (replaces V60H)Ni-MHButton1.2V80mAh91K
MaxellER17/33 Lithium518K
Saftecolife D D Cell914K
FDKNBL414 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell80K
SaftG 26LithiumD Cell653K
MaxellER3S Lithium519K
SaftLM 17130 Lithium155K
FDKCR17450SE Lithium3.0V2500mAh96K
SaftLO 40 SX Lithium432K
PanasonicBR-1632/HFN (BR-1632 1HFE) LithiumCoin Cell3V165K
SaftLO26SX Lithium539K
FDKHR-4/3FAU 201003 Ni-MH4/3A Cell1.2V31K
SaftLS 14250 W Lithium354K
PanasonicBR-2330/VCN (BR2330 1VCE) LithiumCoin Cell3V173K
SaftLS 17330 Lithium317K
FDKCR14250SE Lithium3.0V850mAh118K
SaftLS26500 Lithium452K
PanasonicLiIon CGR18650E Lithium-Ion508K
SaftLSH14L Lithium99K
FDKHR-4/3FAUPC 201003 Ni-MH1.2V37K
SaftMP176065 I Lithium-Ion736K
PanasonicCR AG Lithium205K
SaftVL34570 Lithium-Ion374K
FDKCR2032 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V76K
SaftVNT DU Ni-Cd839K
PanasonicBR1220 BR1225 LithiumCoin Cell3V47K
SaftVRE Cs 1600 Ni-Cd403K
FDKHR-4/5FAUP 201003 Ni-MH4/5A Cell1.2V27K
SaftVSE AA Ni-CdAA Cell1.2V980mAh57K
PanasonicCR1220 CR1612 LithiumCoin Cell50K
SaftBA5567 Military275K
FDKCR1216 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V30mAh140K
SaftBA5599 A U Military206K
PanasonicCR2 CR123A LithiumCoin Cell28K
SaftLi SO2 Military Battery Product LIine 325K
FDKHR-5/4SCUT 201001 Ni-MH1.2V32K
SanyoN-1700SCR Ni-Cd368K
PanasonicHHR210AA B Ni-MHAA Cell21K
SanyoUF383551F Lithium-Ion78K
FDKML1220 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell72K
SanyoUF553443Z Lithium-Ion65K
PanasonicLC R061R3P SLA26K
SanyoUR18500F 1700mAH Lithium-Ion43K
FDKHR-AAUE 201003 Ni-MH1.2V28K
UltraLifeBA 5368U Military412K
PanasonicLC R122R2P SLA24K
UltraLifeCAxxxx CABLE DATA 379K
FDKCR17335SE Lithium3.0V1800mAh98K
UltraLifeU9VL-J-P (XU9VL)Lithium9V9.0V1200mAh454K
PanasonicLC RA1212P SLA28K
UltraLifeUBBL02 672K
FDKHR-SCC 201003 Ni-MH1.2V23K
UltraLifeUBP001 433K
PanasonicLC X1220P LC X1220AP SLA38K
UltraLifeUHR 26500 [U10017, 18, 19, 20] Lithium529K
FDKML414U Rech. LithiumCoin Cell68K
VartaCR 1/2AA Lithium1/2 AA3.0V950mAh97K
Power-SonicPS 1/3AAH N110AA Ni-Cd1/3 AA Cell910K
VartaCR AA LithiumAA3.0V2000mAh96K
MaxellCR17450 Lithium571K
VartaV40H (replaces V30H) Ni-MHButton1.2V40mAh91K
Power-SonicPS 605WL SLA1535K
Power-SonicPS 628 SLA1565K
VartaVH4500 Ni-MH4/5 A1.2V4500mAh115K
MaxellCR2450HR Lithium571K
Power-SonicPS AAA N110AAA Ni-CdAAA Cell991K
FDKML621 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell3.00V5.80mAh97K
Saftecolife Cs C Cell1040K
MaxellER17/50 Lithium520K
SaftG 04/3 Lithium1/2 AA Cell543K
FDKCR17450HE-N Lithium3.0V1700mAh89K
SaftG 22/6 LithiumDD Cell323K
MaxellER3 Lithium472K
SaftG 32/3 Lithium2/3 A Cell360K
FDKTL421 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell1.50V1.30mAh114K
SaftG 54/3 Lithium5/4 C Cell267K
MaxellER6 Lithium519K
SaftLM33550 Lithium306K
FDKCR12600SE Lithium3.0V1500mAh98K
SaftLO 39 SHX Lithium411K
MaxellER Warning Info Lithium414K
SaftLO 43 SHX Lithium222K
FDKHR-4/3AU 201001 Ni-MH1.2V37K
SaftLO26SHX Lithium516K
PanasonicBR-2325/HGN (BR2325 1HG) LithiumCoin Cell3V168K
SaftLO26SXC Lithium66K
SaftLO30SHX Lithium500K
PanasonicBR-2330/HEN (BR2330 1HEE) LithiumCoin Cell3V163K
SaftLS 14250 Lithium430K
FDKHR-4/3FAUC 201003 Ni-MH1.2V32K
SaftLS 14500W Lithium274K
PanasonicLiIon CGA103450A Lithium-Ion608K
SaftLS 33600 Lithium455K
FDKCR1/3N Lithium1/3 N Cell3.0V160mAh88K
SaftLS17500 Lithium443K
PanasonicLiIon CGR18650DA Lithium-Ion510K
SaftLS33600C Lithium77K
FDKHR-4/3FAUP (4000) 201003 Ni-MH1.2V32K
SaftLSH14 Lithium104K
PanasonicLiIon Charging Data Lithium-Ion381K
SaftLSH20 Lithium645K
FDKCR2025 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V170mAh76K
SaftMP174565 I Lithium-Ion700K
PanasonicLiIon Precautions Lithium-Ion409K
SaftVL 25500 125 Lithium-Ion322K
FDKHR-4/5AAUC 20100 Ni-MH1.2V27K
SaftVL34480 Lithium-Ion389K
Panasonic2CR5 & CR-P2 LithiumBattery Pack6V1400mAh27K
SaftVL37570 Lithium-Ion380K
FDKCR1620 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V78mAh122K
SaftVNT DU HC Ni-Cd955K
PanasonicBR1/2AA BR2/3A Lithium1/2AA3V1000mAh400K
SaftVRE 1 2D Ni-Cd1/2 D Cell1.2V2550mAh59K
FDKHR-4/5AUC 201003Ni-MH4/5A Cell1.2V28K
SaftVRE C Ni-Cd58K
PanasonicBR2/3AG Lithium2/3A3V1450mAh381K
SaftVRE Cs 1800 Ni-Cd422K
FDKCR2430 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V280mAh76K
SaftVRE D 5500 Ni-Cd60K
PanasonicBR3032 Lithium30K
SaftVST AA Ni-Cd67K
FDKHR-4/5FAUPT 201003 Ni-MH1.2V27K
SaftVT F 70 Ni-Cd68K
PanasonicCR2016 CR2025 LithiumCoin Cell43K
SaftBA5590 A U Military213K
FDK2CR5 LithiumBattery Pack6.0V1400mAh83K
SaftBA5590 HC Military674K
PanasonicCR2450 CR2477 LithiumCoin Cell42K
SaftBA5600 A U Military176K
FDKHR-5/4AAAU 201001 Ni-MH1.2V24K
SaftBA5847 B U Military238K
PanasonicNCR18650 Lithium-Ion175K
SaftLO 39 SHX Lithium411K
FDKCR2477 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V114K
SanyoKR-7000F Ni-Cd696K
PanasonicHHR210A Ni-MHA Cell20K
SanyoN-2000CB Ni-Cd107K
FDKHR-AAAU 201001 Ni-MH1.2V24K
SanyoN-700AAC Ni-Cd307K
PanasonicHHR380A Ni-MH5/4 A Cell21K
SanyoUF384461S Lithium-Ion61K
FDKCR17335E-R Lithium3.0V1600mAh77K
SanyoUF553436G Lithium-Ion152K
PanasonicLC R0612P SLA27K
SanyoUF553450Z Lithium-Ion157K
FDKHR-AAU 201001 Ni-MH1.2V28K
SanyoUR14500P Lithium-Ion42K
PanasonicLC R064R5P SLA6V4500mAh24K
SanyoUR18650F 2400mAH Lithium-Ion62K
FDKML2016 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell3.0V30.0mAh92K
UltraLifeBA 5367U Military468K
PanasonicLC R121R3P SLA6V1300mAh29K
UltraLifeBA 5372U Military430K
FDKHR-AU 201003 Ni-MH1.2V27K
UltraLifeUB0009 & UB2777 (replaces BA-5380/U)LithiumMilitary6.0V11100mAh406K
PanasonicLC R1233P SLA35K
UltraLifeCH0002 CHARGER 415K
FDKCR1220 LithiumCoin Cell3.0V36mAh76K
UltraLifeU10026 LithiumD Cell3.0V13000mAh690K
PanasonicLC R127R2P SLA27K
UltraLifeUB1426 Lithium1/2 AA3.0V500mAh412K
FDKHR-DU 201003 Ni-MH1.2V33K
UltraLifeUBBL02 [UBI2590] 672K
PanasonicLC RD1217P SLA27K
UltraLifeUBBL19 103K
FDKML414 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell76K
UltraLifeUBBL21 113K
PanasonicLC WTV127R2 SLA780K
UltraLifeUBP002 428K
FDKHR-SCU 201003 Ni-MH1.2V32K
UltraLifeUHE ER14505 Lithium443K
PanasonicLC X1228P LC X1228AP SLA35K
UltraLifeUHR CR19650 [U10009, 10, 11, 12] Lithium210K
FDKCR17450E-N Lithium3.0V2600mAh83K
UltraLifeUHR CR34610 [U10013, 14, 15, 16] Lithium586K
PanasonicUP RW1245P1 SLA144K
VartaCR 2 NP LithiumN3.0V1500mAh93K
MaxellCR17335 Lithium3V1750mAh570K
VartaCR 2/3AH Lithium2/3 A3.0V1500mAh33K
Power-SonicPS 1227 SLA1495K
VartaMBU20 Temperature CurvesNi-MHButton1.2V18mAh83K
FDKML421 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell83K
VartaV15H (replaces V11H)Ni-MHButton1.2V15mAh88K
Power-SonicPS 12750 SLA1419K
VartaV7/8H (P7/8H)Ni-MH9V Battery8.4V170mAh72K
MaxellCR2050HR Lithium460K
VartaVH1800 Ni-MHAA1.2V1800mAh32K
Power-SonicPS 610 PE6V1 SLA1508K
FDK2CR1/3N Lithium2/3 N Cell6.0V160mAh88K
VartaVH700AAA Ni-MHAAA1.2V700mAh31K
FDKCR-P2 LithiumBattery Pack6.0V1400mAh83K
FDKCR123A Lithium123A Cell3.0V1400mAh81K
FDKCR17450E-R Lithium3.0V2400mAh93K
FDKML614 Rech. LithiumCoin Cell3.0V3.4mAh76K
MaxellCR2450HR Lithium447K
Power-SonicPS 6120FP SLA1604K
SaftLS & LSC 9 V Lithium9V Cell626K