Li-Ion Standard Battery Packs

Save developent time and expense using a standard battery pack in your next project. We've gone thru our most commonly requested and ordered configurations and made pre-engineered, assembled and QC tested batteries ready for immediate shipment. All of these battery packs have passed the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria, Sub-Chapter 38.3 Rev. 7 tests (T-Tests).  These tests include Altitude simulation, Thermal test, Vibration, Shock, External short circuit, Impact/Crush, Overcharge and Forced Discharge tests; and many of them have also passed the European Union IEC 62133-2 Tests.  They are safe to ship immediately to your facility or on demand as you need them. With no minimum order quantity, see if you can save weeks of time and money trying to redevelop something that already exists if one of these batteries will work for your application.

All batteries ship fully charged, tested and ready to work and have a 12 month warranty.

3.6 Volt Packs

3.7 Volt Packs

7.4 Volt Packs

10.8 Volt Packs

11.1 Volt Packs

14.4 Volt Packs

14.8 Volt Packs

25.9 Volt Packs

51.8 Volt Packs