Our quality statement states in part:
"...supplying our customer the correct product in the right quantity and the right price..."  and that "supplying" includes
"...shipping on time, to the right address, via the customer's directed freight carrier and shipment method..."


Once Fedco has developed a battery pack for a customer, re-ordering can be done in a manner most compatible with his/her procurement procedures. Fedco takes orders over the phone, fax, and email. If required, they also can integrate with your EDI or web based ordering system.

Scheduled Shipments

Fedco is happy to be a part of the smooth flow of your supply chain.  To insure a battery pack is as "fresh" as possible they can schedule blanket orders to meet timely requirements.  Fedco can also ship directly to the customer's end user with a packing list that has the customers name address and logo.


There are cases where even though the customer has requested scheduled shipments over a period of time it makes more sense for Fedco to build all the batteries at one time and store them in their warehouse. Fedco's warehouse is temperature controlled year round well within the recommend range for all battery chemistries. Therefore, Fedco has the capability to stock the customer's batteries for just-in-time delivery.  Fedco's inventory system is real time to indicate accurate stock levels.


Lithium primary batteries are classified as Class 9 UN3090 dangerous goods and Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are classified as Class 9 UN3480 dangerous goods and are both subject to shipping restrictions. For all UN texted battery assemblies, Fedco ships in xxx certified cardboard boxes. Due to increased shipping regulations, Fedco is now required to ship all uncertified packs via a certified explosion proof barrel.

Ship Methods

Our normal shipping carriers are FedEx Ground and FedEx Air, including international air.  UPS is also available, for domestic and international shipments.  Large shipments are shipped by LTL common carrier.    We also provide our INFINITY "drop ship" service where we will stock your finished batteries and offer a shipping service to your customer using documents containing your information and logo.  Ask our battery sales specialists about this program.