Battery Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are required under 29CFR Part 1910.1200(g) of The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazardous Communication Program to identify substances that are used or contained in materials that may be hazardous to human health. OSHA has replaced Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) with Safety Data Sheets as (SDS) of 2013.

The batteries referenced herein are defined as exempt "articles" and are not subject to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR Subpart 1910.1200(g). Although batteries are classified as exempt "articles" and do not require an SDS, cell manufacturers and battery pack manufacturers typically provide them as a service to their customers.

The format of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are now required by OSHA to be in compliance with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) which consists of 16 sections. OSHA also requires that by December 1, 2013 workers be trained in the new label element and SDS format.

Fedco Batteries is in the process of converting all obsolete MSDS to SDS.


Batteries SLA view 52K
SLA Batteries view 52K


Danionics Li-Polymer view [docsize]K

Dow Kokam

Class 9 cells view 223K
non-Class 9 cells view 224K

Eagle Picher

LTC Series view 186K
LTC-7PN view 720K


BCX85 Lithium view 124K
Li-SOCl2 MSDS view 122K


Acer 090120-CSD view 110K
Acer 5100 BATCL50L view 70K
Acer TM4000 L18650-8APT view 70K
Asus A3 A6 BPA3NG view 70K
Asus M2S BPM2N view 70K
Asus V6S BPV6V view 70K
Asus W1 L18650-w1000 view 70K
Dell 6400 KD476 view 70K
Dell CP 08M815 view 70K
Dell-2009-A view 152K
DV2000 L18650-6DVV view 70K
ECS G730 L18650-8WJ4 view 70K
Family NBP6A65 view 105K
HP 2009-A view 147K
HP 2009-B view 138K
IBM R32 R40 L18650-8R32 view 70K
IBM T20 L18650-6TPT view 70K
Li-ion (Quinn) view 106K
Li-ion (Quinn) view 241K
Li-ion Dell-B view 241K
Mitac 8175 442671700002 view 70K
Mitac 8640 442673400015 view 70K
TM650 800 BATSQU202 view 70K
Toshiba PA3285U-1BRS view 70K
Twinhead N222 BATN222 view 70K
Uniwill 255 BP255XR view 70K
Uniwill UN258 BP258 view 70K
Winbook N3 BAT30N3L view 70K
Winbook W series view 70K


Cyclon SLA view 43K
Genesis SLA view 27K


Li-SOCL2 view 128K


CR coin view 53K
CR Cylindrical view 53K
CR23500SE Bobbin view 52K
ML coin view 53K
MSDS FDK CR Bobbin view 53K


MSDS B9593T 2012-04-11 view 71K
MSDS Fedco DR17AA view 611K
MSDS Fedco Lithium-ion Laptop Batteries view 134K
MSDS Fedco NiCd (Preliminary) view 14K
MSDS Lithium Ion S0505-7 07-25-2011 view 37K
MSDS Lithium Metal Battery Group 06-09-2011 view 113K


ALL NICD view 197K


Ni-Cd view 265K
Ni-MH view 282K


Lithium CR Coin Cells view 40K
Lithium Thionyl Chloride view 53K


Li-ion UN38 3 Cert view 51K
Moli Li-ion view 31K


Alkaline view 103K
Alkaline Info view 21K
BR Li-CFx view 25K
BR-C LiCFx view 25K
CR Li-MnO2 view 101K
Li-ion view 30K
LiIon Info view 33K
Lithium ML Coin Cells view 88K
Lithium VL Coin Cells view 23K
LithiumBR Info view 25K
LithiumBR-C B Info view 25K
LithiumCR Info view 26K
LithiumML F Info view 21K
LithiumVL F Info view 23K
Ni-CD view 104K
Ni-MH view 31K
NiCd Info view 43K
NiMH Info view 31K
SLA view 63K


Ni-Zn view 137K


Lithium Coin view 490K


Li-ion-MP176065 view 183K
Li-ion-Series view 162K
Li-ion-VL High Temp Series view 95K
Li-MnO2 view 180K
Li-SO2 view 183K
Li-SOCl2 view 180K
VLE-VLM-VLP Series view 2173K


CR23500SE Lith view 143K
Li ML Series Coin view 133K
Li-ion view 113K
Li-MnO2 view 232K
Li-MnO2-Coin view 224K
Li-Polymer view 80K
Ni-Cd view 133K
Ni-MH view 166K


SDS 4X0859-0012E view [docsize]K


Std Series view 178K


BA-5390 view 66K
BA5390U view 47K
MnO2 view 70K
UBBL19 - UBBL24 view 44K
UBI-2590 view 24K


Li-MnO2 Primary view 14K
LiMnO2 coin view 55K
LiMnO2 cylindrical view 56K
Lithium Polymer view 12K
Ni-MH Button Cell view 38K
Ni-MH Cylindrical view 10K
Primary Lithium Cylindrical view 56K
Varta CRAA view 14K