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    Fedco Batteries Acquires a Laser Cutting System

    Fedco Batteries recently purchased an Epilog Legend Series Mini CO2 Laser cutting system to complement our 3D printing capability. Using data input from AutoCAD® and other graphics software, the cutting system expands Fedco’s prototyping ability to produce custom insulation, spacers, end plates, and a myriad of other plastic and insulation components with greater accuracy and efficiently. As a result Fedco is able to provide production prototypes for your OEM project within a very short time frame. The Epilog system, made in the USA, has an 18” x 12” (457mm x 304mm) work table. The 30Watt CO2 laser system has a 0.02mm resolution that can easily cut a variety of commonly used materials in battery production, as well as etch plastic and some metallic materials. Cutting insulating material down to the PSA backing is a major advantage the high resolution laser offers, allowing our assembly technicians to easily pick and place the selected insulator onto the battery pack for multiple prototype orders. We currently have two UL listed insulation materials in stock including 0.015” FISHPAPER with single and double sided 3M9828 pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and 0.10” ITT FORMEX also with single and double sided 3M9828 PSA. Both are excellent insulators for battery pack assemblies. This Epilog laser cutting & engraving system is now added to our list of reasons why contracting with Fedco Batteries for your battery application is for your best interest. Call us at 1-800-542-9761 or