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    Fedco Announces Next Generation BMS

    In May 2019, Fedco released the new SCx000F-BMS-MD high-power smart battery management circuit.

    Our latest pure R&D project to create a configurable BMS for medium format batteries resulted in quite a product.  The SCx000F-BMS-MD circuit is designed for medium format and high current battery applications.  This circuit boasts a 25A max continuous current output which is fully configurable to meet the power demands of multiple applications.

    Built around the Texas Instruments BQ34Z100-G1 platform, this circuit is fully programmable for 3S-8S lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate configurations. 

    Circuit performance highlights include:
    • active cell balancing
    • i2C communication
    • fuel gauging
    • programmable power and environmental performance management
    • optional LED driver output for real time on-pack fuel gauging and battery status.

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