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    Fedco Batteries announces recent facility upgrades and equipment acquisitions.

    Fedco Batteries upgrades our in-house manufacturing and testing capabilities with recent facility upgrades and equipment acquisitions.

    Fedco Batteries, maker of Energy+ Batteries, is a highly capable design and manufacturing expert.  With over 45 years industry experience, Fedco specializes in the design, manufacturing, and fulfillment of batteries for critical applications for medical, military, aerospace, oil and gas, and precision instrumentation markets.   One-in-six employees are engineers and the Fedco manufacturing and distribution center is a state-of-the-art facility, operated by the most experienced team in the industry.

    In 2020, recent acquisitions and upgrades include the addition of advanced manufacturing equipment including a high power welding system for large format batteries, fullly updated and reconfigured ESD area including new fixtures equipment and monitoring systems, new 480v power service to the manufacturing building for future expansion, 3000w precision power supply and load bank,  explosion-proof test chamber, and Thermotron thermal testing chamber.

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