Fedco offers a wide cross section of battery pack designs and capabilities.

Original Concept Battery Pack Design

Fedco Batteries will work with you to design a battery pack that fits your project requirements. With the engineering resources and decades of experience Fedco is ready to be your design partner. 


2nd Source Battery Packs

Follow (replicate or reverse engineer) your existing battery design to augment your battery supply line. Equally as challenging, Fedco takes particular pride in being a trusted 2nd source for battery packs assemblies.


With Expertise In

Small Format Battery Packs:

Approximately 30 years of experience in Small Format batteries.

Generally, a cell count of up to 50 cells and under 400 Watt/Hrs.

Fedco’s Small Format focus gives our customers a real advantage and the piece of mind knowing they have partnered with the best!

Medium Format Battery Packs:

A strong commitment to M/L format battery pack applications

Under 40V and generally less than 400W/H

A quest to be a full-scope battery technology provider

With the engineering proficiency and manufacturing expertise, Fedco is the answer to any size battery pack.